Aerospace construction procedures require the highest level of safety, durability and reliability. Any inappropriate feature found in any of the components cannot be neglected. A very important feature that is required during application is high-temperature properties of the material to be used and oxidation resistance properties in varying conditions. Unpredictable pressure conditions can be expected and the mechanical properties of the components need to be retained.

Stainless steels are specifically used in aerospace applications as engine components, fuel tank components, exhaust components, airframe components, gear assemblies etc. A component as small as a fastener needs to be designed for proper strength and corrosion resistance since there is no room for error in this industry. Austenitic grades like 304, 304L, 310, 316, 316L, 321, 430, 253 MA are widely used in aerospace components. Stability of the selected grade becomes vital and high level of purity in the grain structure is needed.

The aerospace industry has its demand in applications like satellites, commercial aircrafts and even in the defence of the nation. Aerospace industry needs to be in a constant update with manufacturing as well as material quality innovation to provide the highest standard and quality, since a considerable amount of budget is invested in aerospace industry, and quality in material grades cannot be ignored.