Medical & Pharma

When it comes to human health and safety, the facilities provided are of paramount importance. Medical and pharmaceutical industries are given many regulations and guidelines related to the permissible conditions that can be allowed. All the storage should be done abiding by a structural system with utmost sanitary conditions.

The specified temperature for an application needs to be maintained religiously. Apart from general features like corrosion resistance and strength, the material used in the application should have exceptional surface features, high stability and anti-microbial features. Stainless steels are widely used in medical and pharmaceutical industries for equipment like cabinets, storage racks, transportation parts, carts, safety parts and other factory accessories.

The steel used for the said purpose needs to be thermally stable and should constitute the required thermal properties. Any sort of contamination at any stage cannot be overlooked. High level of purity in the grain structure of the steel is expected. Steel belts are often used in conveyor systems in pharmaceutical industries.

The steel selected needs to be adaptable to the condition provided with a high level of cleanliness and stain resistance. Austenitic grades are widely used in medical and pharmaceutical applications, especially grade 304L and 316L. Pharmaceutical and medical industries are certainly the industries where the selection of every factor and component needs to be done meticulously with proper certifications of the grade done for strength, composition and purity.