Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is certainly the most potential sector of the economy which requires a high level of accuracy and maintenance. Applications varying from a power supply to several domestic services depend upon the oil and gas industries. It plays a significant role in the GDP of the economy. Apart from being important in many applications, there are many guidelines and restrictions imposed on the oil and gas industries; environmental safety, human health, and pollution control are the key regulations that these industries need to keep in check. The equipment and its material play a significant role in these industries to ensure the quality of processes, the strength of the components, and to prevent problems like leakage and corrosion.

Stainless steels with the most suitable chemical composition need to be used to avoid any unfavourable outcome. Lately, the pressure and corrosion conditions have just grown severe with the increase in the demand from various sectors. Duplex stainless steel is the most used grade in this sector because of its commendable performance in corrosion resistance in onshore and offshore environments as well as chemically-induced environments. Applications that require strength as well as corrosion resistance has austenitic grades. A thing to note is that oil and gas industries will always maintain their place in the energy supply industry for decades to come and the emergence of newer stainless-steel grades with more precise chemical compositions will be warranted.